Bathroom remodeling ideas

Looking for good good bathroom remodeling ideas? These days you have all kinds of materials and finishes at your disposal that will help you give your bathroom a perfect makeover, not only at a functional level but also aesthetics. Bathroom and kitchen are usually the parts of our homes were age becomes more obvious: humidity, water leaking, damaged plumping, peeling paint… It could be the wise option to give the electrical installation and pipes an all-around check up.

Whether it is the bathroom or the kitchen you want to refurbish, whether a small renovation or a deeper, comprehensive remodeling, it must be taken into account that there will always be more humidity in these rooms than the rest. This is particularly obvious in the bathroom, as it contains the sink, the shower tray or bathtub, toilet, sometimes videt, even a second sink, or more than one water tab for the same shower.

Bathroom tiles

There are many good reasons why tiling is usually our first choice: bathroom tiles provide endless options in colours, shapes, textures, and possible combinations, and their maintenance is not particularly difficult. They also protect bathroom walls from himidity, preventing annoying moulds. Tile joints can be cleaned and kept in good condition thanks to a wide variety of products.

Bathroom paint

However, these days we can also say good bye to tiles and choose to simply change colours and textures by using paint. Times when it was unthinkable not to apply tiles in order to protect walls from water and high tempreature have been left behind. There are plenty of waterproof bathroom paints that will add nice textures to your bathroom walls while preventing water leaking and moulds at the same time.


A similar alternative would be using a wallpaper. There are all kinds of waterproof wallpapers available today being used on bathroom remodeling all over the World. Covering the biggest wall in your bathroom with a floral wallpaper, or perhaps one with geometric patters or wood texture is not a crazy idea: it will add some deepness to the room as well as a fresh, creative touch while protectic those walls from humidity, just as waterproof paint would do. You may use it just to cover a specific corner, or a bunch of older tiles you don’t feel like taking out.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete as coating, either protective or just for aesthetic reasons, has become huge trend in decoration magazines. Industrial style is getting more and more popular, and alternative materials that provide different textures from traditional ones are fashionable as ever. Polished concrete is used by architects, decorators and interior designers to provide an illusion of deepness to the rooms and a more solid fee to the design.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

When remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, you must always take into account these are the areas of your home where functionality is even more important: every corner should be made the most of, avoiding unnecessary ornaments that may not be practical or make the room feel smaller. Comfort and usability should always come first, not to mention the available budget.

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