Remodeling for all budgets in Malaga

As your construction and refurbishment company in Malaga, we are specialists in providing your space with the new essence that you have always wanted.

Stop dreaming of the ideal reform, dare to take the step and request your budget . Make your dream come true at last.

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Comprehensive reforms in Malaga: from ideas to reality

Comprehensive reforms are the kind of project we all dream of achieving at home. We know it’s a considerable challenge to turn the ideas in our minds into reality, to combine our style with our everyday needs, while staying realistic about the potential the available space offers.

We are focused on satisfying every customer’s needs and expectations.

Our team of professionals ranging from architects and refurbishment experts to highly qualified technicians will know how to translate your ideas into drafts while keeping a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Communication with our customers is fully transparent.

No matter if this is your first remodelling or you have been through a few already. Just relax and enjoy the process. There is nothing to be concerned about, except making sure to communicate all your ideas and expectations. From your favourite colour palette, materials or finishes to your furniture design, home appliances, etc. we will be there for you, putting our experience at your service in a convenient, efficient way.

Remodeling your home in Malaga city

Planification is key on any reform. One of the first steps should always be setting a deadline for handing in the keys to your new home. We will analyze the plots together in order to come to an agreement on both aesthetics and functionality. This could be the perfect chance for you to include any decoration details that have been in your mind for years.

The huge variety of tasks and designs we can perform covers everything a comprehensive remodeling may need, from materials and finishes to electricity installations and plumbing. We can provide all furniture and home appliances required. In other words, we want you to experience the remodeling process in the most satisfying way, without worries or concerns.

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Comprehensive remodeling: apartments, houses and villas in the Costa del Sol

We are highly experienced in remodelling all kinds of homes, which means we can adapt to any budget. Being able to help you build your new home and make your dreams come true is what’s most important for us. All our remodelling works in Malaga and the Costa del Sol have something in common: seamless integration of your style, your family’s style, in the remodelling process. This is the reason why all our reformed homes and villas have a special light to them: we create a design that’s both cohesive and functional and represents your personality, both in your private space and in the shared areas.

Remodeling your offices and venues

We also provide remodelling services for your workspace, your commercial venues, to help you materialize your personality as part of your work atmosphere.

Let us know what you’re looking for, we will make it come true no matter the style, budget, or business field. We know how to adapt ourselves to your working pace and to provide smart solutions for your company, office or establishment to express your interests and values.

We will take care of everything, from legal permissions to any kind of bureaucracy, from electric installation to plumbing. We offer you the best solutions from start to finish, with unbeatable precision in interior design.

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Competitive, affordable reforms

We are one of the highest-rated construction and refurbishment companies in Malaga thanks to our excellent value-for-money ratio. We optimize resources in order to provide a personalized service.

Total guarantee on refurbishment and interior design

We offer you a wide range of highly qualified professionals. Our commitment to contract is one of our main values.

Extensive experience in all kind of reforms

Dozens of construction works, integral renovations and refurbishments, for apartments and villas as well as business venues, both in Malaga and all around Spain are backing us.

Interior design studio

Our decoration and interior design studio turns every project into a highly personalized experience. Get your home a functional and aesthetic renovation as those seen on TV shows.

Comprehensive remodeling in Malaga: we take care of everything

Finding the right value-for-money is a matter of commitment. Don’t hesitate, move on to the next step.

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Some of our previous remodeling projects

We are a highly specialized construction company, both for new buildings starting from scratch and spaces in need of a complete renovation.


Remodeling your kitchen in Malaga

We know the kitchen can become the heart of your home, where countless hours are spent, sharing family moments and trying recipes! For this reason it is particularly important for us to give your kitchen the look and feel you have always wanted. When remodelling your kitchen, we can adapt to any style you may like, with top elegance and functionality, making the most out of the available space, allocation and light. At the same time, we take extra care to provide the best home appliances, always coming from reliable brands.

Remodeling your bathroom in Malaga

Bathrooms are another key element in your home, and we know the attention to detail here must be absolute. During the remodelling process we will be there for you, when choosing the tiles or the toilet you want, as well as organizing the furniture. We leave nothing to chance, we believe our effort may be the key to materializing the perfect bathroom you’re looking for, one that satisfies your needs and meets your requirements, both aesthetic and functional.

Reforms budgeting in Malaga

We at Klausworks believe quality is a matter of commitment, of finding the right solutions. We can offer you affordable reforms in Malaga with amazing quality, and high durability equipment and materials. We adapt ourselves to your budget to provide unbeatable service and are committed to transparency, to be there for you and offer you the best value-for-money.

What you can afford is our starting point. We will work with you to make the most out of your budget, to provide the best possible service for that price.

The budget for remodelling your home is not something we can play or speculate with. We are aware it’s personal, family or company resources we are dealing with, so we will come to an agreement on deadlines, materials, certifications, payments and any other details, with total transparency. In other words, we guarantee a closed budget for every project, so the price of remodelling your home we agreed upon will never change.

On the other hand, we also offer full guarantee for our turnkey projects, for which we take care of the planning and execution, and make sure to finish it in perfect state, ready for you to move in.

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If you still have doubts and want to learn what the process is to start a small reform or a comprehensive remodeling for your home, you only need to follow these simple steps:

1. First meeting

After you fill in the contact form, we will set an appointment with you to learn about your ideas and preferences. We will work together to exceed your expectations.

2. Measurements

We will visit your home or premises, in order to take measurements and study the state the place is in, so we determine its potential.

3. Project

We will hand in a project proposal according to your requests and current legislations. You will have total freedom regarding materials and finishes for your new home.

4. Construction

Our technical team will take charge of your home’s reform. There is no reason to worry at all. We are highly experienced. You home is in good hands.

5. Turnkey

We will hand in the keys to your home when construction work is totally finished, ready to move in. We take care of every single detail.

6. Enjoy!

Time to start enjoying your newly renovated house! Create new memories with your family and friends in your new home, now ready to satisfy all your needs.

Todo lo que necesitas saber

Remodelling your home is a very personal project. If you need comprehensive remodelling work in Malaga, we at klausworks are a highly experienced team in a never ending learning process, always looking forward to creating, to building a new space for you, not just manufacturing.

Our aim is your comfort

Our mission is making the most out of your space, improving them for you and your family.

Our team specializes in all kinds of reform, refurbishment, and architectural projects. From remodelling your bathroom to fully renovating your home. We are focused on providing the highest attention to detail. Our satisfaction is for our customers to see their dream come true.

Enjoy the process

Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy every step of the process, as the final result will be improving your quality of life. We want to turn every project into an easy, comfortable experience, so we make sure agreed deadlines are met, and budgets respected. This way, there is no room for unwanted surprises: contractual agreements have been made beforehand.

Premium advice for our customers

Our team of experts will bring added value to your home with decoration and interior design services. Our remodeling projects are completely personal, made to measure, according to our customers’ ideas and expectations, on top of which we always provide advice if needed and come up with new ideas and suggestions, and of course, the technical expertise required to design and execute a great project to make sure it works as it should. Only teamwork can turn the dreams of our customers into reality. Every little detail and idea is important, from start to finish. Your satisfaction and well being is our main priority.

The many faces of a reform

Whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom you are planning to reform, or your home, or an office, you can always count on our expertise and reliability. Our goal is to help you materialize your ideas just as you had always wanted.

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