Klausworks: Building and remodeling

We are specialists in design and construction. Klausworks is a company of reforms that is born to improve the lives of our clients.

Klausworks was set up to provide more than just home building and remodeling in Malaga. Our aim was creating a company that builds and improves spaces for people to live better lives, to feel comfortable, to feel at home. Today, taking under consideration the opinions from our clients and collaborators, we are proud to say we achieved exactly that.

Your only concern will be enjoying your new home. Leave the rest to us.

  • Commitment
    Clients are our everyday focus. We know the key to success is our commitment to them.
  • Quality
    The highest quality controls are implemented, the finest materials used, with the best finishing on the market. Satisfaction and comfort of those who will enjoy the result is always in our mind.
  • Transparency
    We aim for total transparency, from beginning to end, and keep our clients up to date through all the process, no matter how small the detail. We don’t know what a small print is.
  • Innovation
    The best technological solutions are implemented to add value to the final product. Solutions that fit our clients’ needs.


Competitive, affordable reforms

We are one of the highest-rated construction and refurbishment companies in Malaga thanks to our excellent value-for-money ratio. We optimize resources in order to provide a personalized service.

Total guarantee on refurbishment and interior design

We offer you a wide range of highly qualified professionals. Our commitment to contract is one of our main values.

Extensive experience in all kind of reforms

Dozens of construction works, integral renovations and refurbishments, for apartments and villas as well as business venues, both in Malaga and all around Spain are backing us.

Interior design studio

Our decoration and interior design studio turns every project into a highly personalized experience. Get your home a functional and aesthetic renovation as those seen on TV shows.

reformas integrales GSC

We provide all kinds of property refurbishments

Building and refurbishing is what we specialize in. With a wide range of qualified professionals at your disposal, we take care of all types of reforms and renovations. We adapt to our clients requirements and exceed their expectations.

We offer you the possibility to cover all stages of your project. Just tell us about your idea and we will come up with a proposal that suits your needs.

Whether your property requires a small refurbishment or an integral reform, whether it’s just the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, or an office, shop or restaurant that requires a renovation to stay competitive… you have come to the right place.

The whole process is covered:

  • Design and concept
  • Refurbishment
  • Construction
  • Furniture, decoration and interior design

From standard to customized solutions to suit all your needs, every option you can think of is available. We guarantee you will finally get an interior design you can relate to.

We specialize in interior design and refurbishment

As a refurbishment company, interior design is something we excel at. We can’t conceive a reform without the required attention to detail and aesthetics, as well as the comfort of those who will enjoy it.

That’s why we offer you the possibility to have an interior designer to make your dreams come true, as well as discount furniture and special materials.

The spaces we create are conceived to suit your needs, always aiming for only one thing: your comfort.

Comprehensive remodeling 0
Swimming pool maintenance 0
Interior design 0

We will build a highly personalized space, designed just for you. And decorators and interior designers will make sure of it.

The process is as follows:

A first contact, so we can learn about your tastes, needs, lifestyle, and also get to know the space and the budget we will be working with.

On a second meeting, we will present to you the concepts that better suit your tastes and requirements, both on a functional and aesthetic level, materials and furniture. Don’t worry if you can’t picture it your mind, we will also offer you a 3D simulation.

The third stage consists of managing the required materials, orders, and professionals to fulfill the project for you to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

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