Swimming pools for your home or venues in Marbella

Pools for hotels, restaurants and villas with an unbeatable value for money. We are specialists in designing perfect rest areas so that these pools have the ideal look.

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Building swimming pools in Marbella: creating an ideal relaxation area

If you’re living in Marbella, you know how the ideal swimming pool is a perfect addition to your home during hot Summer days. Our team of expert architects and designers can help you achieve not just your dream swimming pool, but also the right environment for it so it turns into the relaxation area you have in mind.

Make the move! We know how lucky you are to have the chance to create this project: not everyone has the available space to build this relaxation area with a swimming pool. However, we do enjoy a good challenge, and are capable of designing beautiful swimming pools that seamlessly adapt to any space or setting. When designing swimming pools, we are planning your peace of mind, your fun, your quality of life.

Our work process is conceived to allow you to relax, to tell us about your ideal project, while we put it in motion and take care of the most tedious parts, so you can focus on what you like best: designing your space, taking decisions. Nuestro proceso de trabajo está diseñado para que te relajes, nos cuentes tu proyecto ideal, mientras nosotros lo ponemos en marcha asumiendo las partes más tediosas para tú puedas centrarte en lo que más te gusta: diseñar el espacio y tomar las decisiones. Possibilities are endless. There is not only a wide range of swimming pool types, but also materials, finishes, details, garden furniture, and so on.

Design your swimming pool in Marbella

All the design and construction process is planned in detail for your peace of mind, starting with the deadline. All our clients rest assured Klausworks has this covered: we are aware of the importance of knowing where the construction work will end. No last minute problems, no unwanted surprises.

Customers always take into account where their swimming pool will be located, the importance of the environmen. Our expertise in building swimming pools in Marbella confirms it. A swimming pool is a great addition to your home, but if the environment for it is also right, that perfect space you have in mind will become true. That’s why, at Klausworks, we put at your disposal the best exterior and landscape designers to give your new swimming pool its ideal setting.

Swimming pools for villas and urbanisations in Marbella

Make the most out of the communal areas by building the swimming pool you and your neighbours have always dreamed about. We have years of experience in design, construction and remodeling of all kinds of swimming pools. It doesn’t matter if you live in a villa, a detached house or an urbanization, we can build great swimming pools in a wide variety of settings.

Concrete swimming pools, Gresite surface swimming pools, polyester swimming pools, liner swimming pools, sand swimming pools, natural swimming pools. Any of them can be a reality in the space available. For your peace of mind, our experts in construction and management are at your disposal. They will guide you through whatever legal permissions, electrical or plumbing certificates might be needed. We provide advice but the choice is yours. We make the way to your perfect swimming pool easy!

Swimming pools for hotels and businesses in Marbella

Are you a business owner in Marbella or the Costa del Sol? Then you know this is a holiday destination for relaxation. People from all over the globe travel to this land in order to find the right place to recharge and unwind. Now your business can provide this extra value in comfort your customers are looking for, for a price you can afford. And with a quality that exceeds your expectations.

For restaurants, and specially for hotels, having the perfect swimming pool in the right relaxation area is vital, particularly in southern Spain. Summer temperatures, and the need to get rid of all the stress from the rest of the year makes customers take this extra value for granted when they visit us. Don’t hesitate, give your clients this comfort space and turn your business into a reference in your sector thanks to a perfect swimming pool that meets your requirements and those of your customers.

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Competitive, affordable reforms

We are one of the highest-rated building and remodeling companies in Marbella thanks to our excellent value-for-money ratio. We optimize resources in order to provide a personalized service.

Total guarantee on refurbishment and interior design

We offer you a wide range of highly qualified professionals. Our commitment to contract is one of our main values.

Extensive experience in all kind of reforms

Dozens of construction works, integral renovations and refurbishments, for apartments and villas as well as business venues, both in Marbella and all around Spain are backing us.

Custom design

We create the perfect setting for your swimming pool, no matter the environment. Our area of expertise is building completely custom swimming pools on demand.

Swimming pools for hotels, restaurants and private owners in Marbella

Klausworks’s swimming pools offer an excellent value-for-money ratio and make the perfect addition for all kinds of homes and environments.

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We build made-to-measure swimming pools, according not only to your space but also your budget, always taking aesthetics and functionality into account.

Ladscape design for your swimming pool in Marbella

So you have not only the available space for your swimming pool, but also nice views? Klausworks is here to help you make the most out of every inch of your new swimming pool. Our landscape designers and exterior decorators are experts in creating unique relaxation areas, seamlessly integrated with your home design to become its heart and focal point. If you want your swimming pool to look just perfect, we will work with you to make its environment a dreamy one.

Garden design in Marbella

We can design your perfect garden, whatever the available space. If you are looking for an organic, peaceful, complete relaxation area, you need that ideal garden to turn it into a small, full of life ecosystem, one that you and your family will enjoy in the most natural way. We provide complete advice, from choosing the right plants to maintenance tips. Taking care of them will become a pleasure.

Presupuesto de piscinas en Marbella

Every swimming pool we have built in Marbella and the Costa del Sol has been made-to-measure. We know everyone is different, with different requirements, tastes, and budgets. That’s why it is vital for us to develop our own system to executive the construction as well as to give personalized estimates.

We are also aware that, as much as a swimming pool is a place for fun, embarking on its building a very serious project. For this reason it is so important for us to guarantee a delivery date we keep at all costs, so your swimming pool is finished and ready to use in perfect condition.

There is no room for setbacks. We are committed to deadlines and guarantee to deliver a perfect, ready to use swimming pool on the date we agreed upon. No delays.

Klausworks takes your peace of mind very seriously. We know you are investing in your relaxation and want to show you our appreciation for trusting us. Whatever may concern you, we got it covered. This is feasible only because our team of specialists make sure your dream swimming pool becomes true.

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If you still have doubts and want to learn what the process is to start building or renovating your swimming pool, you only need to follow these simple steps:

1. First meeting

After you fill in the contact form, we will set an appointment with you to learn about your ideas and preferences. We will work together to exceed your expectations.

2. Measurements

We will visit your home or premises, in order to take measurements and study the state the place is in, so we determine its potential.

3. Project

We will hand in a project proposal according to your requests and current legislations. You will have total freedom regarding materials and finishes for your new home.

4. Construction

Our technical team will take charge of your home’s reform. There is no reason to worry at all. We are highly experienced. You home is in good hands.

5. Turnkey

We deliver your new, perfect swimming pool ready to use on the scheduled date, no excuses. We take care of every single detail.

6. Enjoy!

It's time for fun! Create new memories with your family and friends in your new swimming pool. Everything is ready!

Everything you need to know

Every swimming pool we build is an exciting and encouraging project for us, specially if we have the freedom to design it from scratch. A whole team, highly experienced and in a never ending learning process, is looking forward to start building the swimming pool of your dreams!

Your comfort comes first

Your comfort, your family’s comfort, is our main concern on every single step of the design and construction process. That’s why we always make the most out of the available space.

We develop all kinds of projects and swimming pools in a wide variety of environments. We can take care of exterior and garden design as well if required. Every single detail from your personal tastes and ideas is taken into account to make them come true, always adapting ourselves to space allocation and financial conditions. Also, remember that our team of architects and decorators is here to help if needed.

Enjoy the process of creating your perfect swimming pool

Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy your new swimming pool, but also every step of the process. That makes us particularly proud. Thanks to the most complete team of designers, we can give free rein to your creativity and achieve the swimming pool of your dreams. You will not have to worry about anything else, because we always guarantee the delivery date of our work, and we are committed not to increase the price that was agreed upon in the beginning. We have eliminated these concerns for you, so that you join all the satisfied customers we have worked with!

We are your team of experts

The group of professionals we work with every day will take care of designing completely unique and personalized spaces for you. We will work on achieving the aesthetics you have always wanted, with a focus on your preferences and comfort. In addition, we will give shape to secondary details, so you can concentrate on those that are most important for you. This way we can guarantee the complete functionality and efficiency of the new work, which are a must if your new swimming pool is to provide the perfect experience.

The many faces of a reform


Now you can achieve the swimming pool of your dreams thanks to Klausworks. You can always count on our expertise and reliability. Our goal is to help you materialize your ideas just as you had always wanted.