Bathroom remodeling ideas

Looking for good good bathroom remodeling ideas? These days you have all kinds of materials and finishes at your disposal that will help you give your bathroom a perfect makeover, not only at a functional level but also aesthetics. Bathroom and kitchen are usually the parts of our homes were age becomes more obvious: humidity, … Leer más

Remodeling a small apartment

Remodeling a small apartment might be the answer to your lack of space problems, which are often caused by a layout and allocation that won’t take advantage of the available space. May of us live in small flats, one bedroom or even studio apartments that look like nothing else could be done to make the … Leer más

Home layout and space allocation

Considering the optimal space allocation is essential when creating your home layout in order to take full advantage of the available space and make it more comfortable for those who will use it. There are homes with a special something to them, something we can’t put our finger on, that gives them a certain harmony … Leer más

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