Remodeling a small apartment

Remodeling a small apartment might be the answer to your lack of space problems, which are often caused by a layout and allocation that won’t take advantage of the available space. May of us live in small flats, one bedroom or even studio apartments that look like nothing else could be done to make the most out of them. But a smart renovation, carefully chosen furniture and putting windows and mirrors in strategic places can make a huge difference.

Small apartment remodeling ideas

Perhaps you’re looking for small apartment remodeling ideas, that allow you to feel more comfortable in yours despite its small dimensions. Sometimes just painting the walls in a new colour and renovating furniture can be the right solution, but quite often, creating a new layout will be needed. Maybe a kitchen open to the living room, remodeling the bathroom or replacing conventional doors for new sliding doors.

As you know, there is no such thing as an infallible solution, but endless possibilities for comprehensive remodeling and small renovations which whill make the most of your available space:

  • Painting the walls in neutral tones and light colours to convey the feeling of a wider, brighter space should always be one of our first options.
  • Using hidden storage in unconventional places like sofa foot rests, or perhaps hollow spaces in the walls from a previous construction, or a redesigned mezzanine.
  • Multi-purpose furniture, whether good old sofa beds with storage or new, innovative pieces designed exclusively for your apartment, like a made-to-measure pull-down desktop, or a coffee table that cat be folded or keep a few chairs underneath.

Decoration and interior design

There is actually one rule for decoration and interior design for apartments of all sizes, especially smaller ones, which is never blocking an inch of your windows, in order to make the most of the natural light. It is equally important to set up the furniture in such a way they don’t only let you see the windows, but also reflect a bit of light and help the general feeling of a wider space. It is when your furniture is too tall, or has big, wide legs, when they look bigger, like they take more room.

Furniture for small apartments

Regarding furniture for small apartments, there are plenty of options that will help you lighten decoration, visually speaking. Have you considered metal rod furniture? Chairs, tables or even shelves built in this material are a good alternative, especially for smaller living rooms, as they let light come through and convey the feeling of a wider space, like they had smaller dimensions than they actually have, without the visual weight of a more opaque material. Besides, if they are the right colour, they will barely get in the way as they will feel seamlessly integrated with your sofa or walls in your field of vision.

Materials and finishes

When we talk about making the most of natural light, we also talk choosing the right materials and finishes to provide extra brightness. As you know, using neutral tones for your walls will make a difference, as well as placing mirrors in the right areas. But you would be sorprised how much it can help to use furniture and ornaments that partially reflect light, for instance chromed metal surfaces, or glass, instead of more matte finishes.

As you can see, possibilities when remodeling an apartment are endless. It’s all a matter of imagination and taking advante of available resources. If you wish to learn more about our work process and picture in your mind what your reform might end up looking like, please check Home remodeling Marbella.

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