Building and construction in Malaga

Works in Malaga at incredible prices, both for new construction and for turnkey projects. At Klausworks we are specialists in creating your ideal space from scratch.

If you have a project in mind, don't hesitate. Ask for your budget and build with us the home of your dreams.

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Building in Malaga: Create a space you can relate to

If you have the chance to build your home from scratch, it’s your lucky day. We have extensive experience in designing new spaces. Thanks to your team of expert architects, specialized in construction and turnkey projects, we can turn your ideas into your future home.

Need a quotation for building your home? You are just one step away from making your dreams come true. It's your perfect chance.

We specialize in all kinds of constructions, pero building a home from scratch is what motivates us the most, as space constraints are minimum when compared to a refurbishment.

Just let us guide you through the process of studying, designing and executing your building project in Malaga. You have nothing to worry about, our team of professionals will provide their advice on materials, colours, and finishes. We will also help you choose your furniture, installations and other equipment.

Building and design Malaga - GSC
Construction project management - GSC

Home design and building in Malaga

In order to guarantee your satisfaction, we offer you integral solutions from the very first draft to the building itself, including entire home rehabilitation. All the construction process is carefully planned. Firstly, we set a deadline for the project, a date for the end of work, and we always commit to it. Until that very moment we can can still add and polish more details!

Possibilities are endless when our work starts from a client’s idea, without the limitations of an already built space. This is how we can offer you turnkey projects with a defined budget, integral management for housing projects in Malaga. Our qualified team will take care of making the most out of your budget.

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Building apartments and villas in Malaga

Integral construction work can happen in a wide variety of environments and spaces. We at Klausworks are able to adapt to any client’s needs, to guarantee our efficiency, no matter if we are working on a villa or an apartment. This is the reason why it makes no difference where in Malaga or the Costa del Sol your home is located. We can work with you on any kind of space, always taking into account the required functionalities needed for all family members.

Request your free quoting to build your villa in Malaga and we will contact you with a solution according to your budget.

Apartments and villas construction in Malaga - GSC
Building company Malaga - GSC

Building and renovating offices and venues

We have also developed many projects for businesses that needed to turn its venues into a valuable experience for customers. We are highly experienced in reforms and interior design for restaurants and commercial premises. You can improve the quality of yours, no matter the style, budget, or business field.

Remember, we at Klausworks are concerned about customer satisfaction. We can provide advice not only on construction and design, but also bureaucracy, legal permissions, electrical installations, and plumbing. Just let us know what your preferences are and we will begin work immediately to turn your professional space into that special place both workers and customers dream about.

Some of our previous projects


Competitive, affordable reforms

We are one of the highest-rated construction and refurbishment companies in Malaga thanks to our excellent value-for-money ratio. We optimize resources in order to provide a personalized service.

Total guarantee on refurbishment and interior design

We offer you a wide range of highly qualified professionals. Our commitment to contract is one of our main values.

Extensive experience in all kind of reforms

Dozens of construction works, integral renovations and refurbishments, for apartments and villas as well as business venues, both in Malaga and all around Spain are backing us.

Interior design studio

Our decoration and interior design studio turns every project into a highly personalized experience. Get your home a functional and aesthetic renovation as those seen on TV shows.

Construction and building in Malaga: Interior design without limits

Build your dream home with an unbeatable value for money, the best design and management.

What are you waiting for?

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Building and construction work samples in Malaga

We are a highly specialized construction company, both for new buildings starting from scratch and spaces in need of a complete renovation.


If you still have doubts and want to learn what the process is to start a small reform or a comprehensive remodeling for your home, you only need to follow these simple steps:

1. First meeting

After you fill in the contact form, we will set an appointment with you to learn about your ideas and preferences. We will work together to exceed your expectations.

2. Measurements

We will visit your home or premises, in order to take measurements and study the state the place is in, so we determine its potential.

3. Project

We will hand in a project proposal according to your requests and current legislations. You will have total freedom regarding materials and finishes for your new home.

4. Construction

Our technical team will take charge of your home’s reform. There is no reason to worry at all. We are highly experienced. You home is in good hands.

5. Turnkey

We will hand in the keys to your home when construction work is totally finished, ready to move in. We take care of every single detail.

6. Enjoy!

Time to start enjoying your newly renovated house! Create new memories with your family and friends in your new home, now ready to satisfy all your needs.

Kitchen building and remodeling in Malaga

The heart of your new home, as those seen on TV, for a price you could never imagine. If you have the chance to start from scratch, your new kitchen can exceed all your expectations thanks to the advice and management from our designers. We have been working on kitchen design for years, and we can offer you the best quality materials and household appliances. Colours and finishes are not a problem: your kitchen is full of creative potential.

Bathroom building and remodeling in Malaga

We at Klausworks are aware of the importance of feeling comfortable in a well-designed, functional bathroom. We are focused on meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations. Your bathroom should be a space for comfort, a place for you and your family to enjoy with state-of-the-art appliances and functionality. We work closely with you to make sure we materialize your needs in a new, surprising creation, with amazing money for value.

Construction budgeting in Malaga

The key to designing a perfect budget for you is to adapt to your case. For that reason, at Klausworks you will always receive a personalized treatment service. All our previous works in Malaga are solid proof of it, both support us in quality and customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, earnest is essential. A new project is exciting for both you and us. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand your needs and of those you love the most. What we will build together is a very special space for each one of you, where you will spend many hours of your life. Therefore, the satisfaction of our advice is based on the durability of the solutions we propose.

We will take into account both the state of your room or home and your total budget, and find the right solution for you.

In addition, we embody our commitment in a turnkey contract, and with that, we assume the obligation to plan and execute the entire works. The result is delivered in perfect condition and ready for you to start enjoying it as soon as possible, and in living conditions above your highest expectations.

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Construction budget Malaga - GSC

Everything you need to know

Every building project we execute is an exciting and encouraging project for us, specially if we have the freedom to design the project from scratch. A whole team, highly experienced and in a never ending learning process, is looking forward to start working on the house of your dreams!

Our aim is your comfort

Your comfort, your family’s comfort, is our main concern on every single step of the design and construction process. That’s why we always make the most out of the available space.

We develop all kinds of projects and work on many different spaces, no matter if you need to reform your bathroom or completely renovate a villa. Every single detail from your personal tastes and ideas is taken into account to make them come true, always adapting ourselves to space allocation and financial conditions. Also, remember that our team of architects, decorators and interior designers is here to help if needed.

Enjoy the process

Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy your space, but also every step of the process. That makes us particularly proud. We can give free rein to your creativity and create the home of your dreams, together with the most complete design team. You will not have to worry about anything else, because we always guarantee the delivery date of our work, and we are committed not to increase the price that was agreed upon in the beginning. We have eliminated these concerns for you, so that you join all the satisfied customers we have worked with!

Premium advice for our customers

The group of professionals we work with every day will take care of designing completely unique and personalized spaces for you. We will work on achieving the aesthetics you have always wanted, with a focus on your preferences and comfort. In addition, we will give shape to secondary details, so you can concentrate on those that are most important for you. This way we can guarantee the complete functionality and efficiency of the new work, which are a must if your new home is to provide the perfect experience.


Whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom you are planning to reform, or your home, or an office, you can always count on our expertise and reliability. Our goal is to help you materialize your ideas just as you had always wanted.

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